Todd Tamcsin Photography | Photography "Seminar-at-Sea" Cruise to Alaska

Join us in 2015 as we escape the sizzling July temperatures in Phoenix, and head to Alaska for a week of adventure and photography aboard the luxurious “Crown Princess.” 

Photography "Seminar-at-Sea" Cruise to Alaska: $1,425

This Alaskan cruise combines mentored photography instruction during sea-travel days with shore excursions designed to capture stunning landscape, wildlife and travel images.  Instruction and mentoring by internationally published photographer Todd Tamcsin will take your photography skills to the next level.  Whether you are an experienced shooter or a determined beginner learning new equipment, your skills will improve dramatically with a week of instruction, mentoring and practical experience in the inspiring Alaskan outdoors. 





Two bald eagles perched on driftwood on an Alaska beach looking out to sea. Mountains and Glaciers, Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska Parliament Buildings from the Inner Harbour in Victoria BC Canada at Night
Our itinerary is perfectly balanced to include on-ship instruction during sea-days with inspiring photography excursions while this ship is in port – and plenty of free-time.
On-Board Mentoring & Instruction
There is no obligation to attend all of the sessions.  Feel free to pick and choose sessions that interest you most.  Each session will include optional “Image Show and Tell” so we can all enjoy and learn from each other’s best work.
  • Session 1: Introduction and Mixer
  • Session 2: Camera Controls and Operation Including Menu Items & Camera Settings 
  • Session 3: Composition, Lighting, Lens Selection and Night Photography
  • Session 4: Special Techniques for Wildlife and Landscape Photography
  • Session 5: Ranger Presentation from Glacier Bay National Park Service (Open to Entire Ship)
  • Session 6: “Best of” Image Review
Photography Excursions
All photo excursions are also optional.  These outings have been designed with the photo enthusiast in mind, but feel free to strike-out on your own if you prefer.
Juneau:  Gondola Ride, Wildlife Photography & Summit Hike
We will ride the enclosed gondola through the rainforest up to Mount Roberts where we will spend the day photographing wildlife and spectacular views of Southeast Alaska.  There is an extensive hiking trail system and wildlife platforms for viewing bear and other animals.  There is an optional 6 mile round-trip hike to the summit of Roberts Peak. 
Skagway:  Wilderness Safari & Landscape Photography
Join us for the Glacier Point Wilderness Safari which starts with a 40-minute boat ride on a powered catamaran through Lynn Canal, North America's longest and deepest fjord.  Stay alert for whales, seals, and cascading waterfalls originating from high mountain glaciers.  A short bus ride up arrival at secluded Glacier Point beach takes us to base camp.  From there we will take a short, ¼ mile walk where suddenly the rain forest opens up to showcase Davidson Glacier in its majestic beauty.  From here we board a 31-foot voyager canoe to get a closer look exploring the glacier waters of the lake with bald eagles soaring overhead.   We return to Glacier Point for a picnic lunch on the beach and then return by catamaran back to Skagway.
Ketchikan:   Rainforest Adventure and Deer Mountain Summit Hike
We will take a short ride to the trailhead for Deer Mountain.  The starting elevation is around 500 feet and the Deer Mountain summit reaches a height of around 3,000 feet in the course of 3.5 miles each way.  The trail climbs steeply through the Tongass National Rainforest, past a stunning array of plants, trees, and countless beautiful waterfalls.  Sightings of mountain goats, black bears, and wolves are all possible in this area. 
Victoria, BC: Walking Tour & Extended Twilight Photography
With “twilight” that goes from about 9 PM through Midnight, we will depart after dinner for a walking tour of Western Canada’s oldest and most British city.  We will capture images of the city’s colonial past that features Victorian and Edwardian architecture around every corner – all with the magical lighting of Alaska’s extended twilight.    “Twilight” includes 3 different phases - civil, nautical and astronomical.  During our evening in Victoria, each phase lasts about an hour. “Civil twilight” - also known as “dusk” – goes from about 9-10 PM.  During this phase only the brightest stars and planets are visible.  There is a lot of color in the sky and usually enough light so that flashes and extended exposures are not needed.   During the next phase – “nautical twilight” there is still color in the sky and outlines of objects are clearly visible.  The addition of flashes and longer exposures can add creative possibilities.   During the final phase – “astronomical twilight” – there are great opportunities for time-lapse and streaming-star photography. 
Photography & Other Gear
This trip is designed to offer mentoring for photographers of all different skill levels.  If you bring nothing other than yourself and your camera, you will have a great time and learn so much.  But to get the very most out of the trip, consider bringing the following gear in addition to your camera:
  • The camera’s manual
  • A laptop with photo-editing software like Photoshop
  • Extra memory cards
  • An extra camera battery
  • A portable tripod
  • Wide angle lens
  • Polarizing filter(s)
  • External Flash / Speedlite
  • Telephoto lens and/or teleconverter
  • A remote release (Programmable version is even better)
  • Backpack for hiking to accommodate camera gear, snacks and water
  • Hiking boots
  • Rain gear

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