Todd Tamcsin Photography | About Todd

In 1977, my mother and father bought me a 35mm Fujica SLR camera for my 10th grade photography class.  A few days later, I took a grainy photo of a white-tailed deer in the pre-dawn light behind our home in Wisconsin.  When that image came to life in the red glow of the high school darkroom, I knew that I was hooked on photography for life.

Since then, I have built an entire career in advertising, publishing and photography - all rooted in that formative photo outing.  My work has appeared in The New York Times, on affiliates for Fox, NBC, ABC and CBS, as well as Reuters and many national and international publications and websites.  Currently, a collection of my landscape and wildlife images are on exhibit at the Plasteel Gallery in Seattle, WA.


I hope you enjoy the images on this site as much as I have enjoyed capturing them.


 Todd Tamcsin